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As a Cosmetologist and Salon owner I am very pleased to have my own product line. Shampoos, Conditioners, Lotions, Scrubs, Bath Wash, Lip Balm, and so many other products coming soon. 

Essentials Collection


Organic Raw Honey. No chemicals used on our hives. See APAIRY page for prices and availability.  Seasonal

Essential Oils

Organic Soap

A Collection Of Treasures

Blacksmithing is a skill that I have enjoyed as a hobby. Each piece has a story. Candle holders, knives, dinner bells, wine openers, menorahs, herb choppers and so much more. 

 Free Range Eggs for local sales

Prices on MISC page. 

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I offer DoTerra Essentials oils for sale as well as other oils that DoTerra doesn't carry. I also have my own blend of essential oils in easy roll on applicator bottles. Aromatherapy or applied topically, oils are natures healing gift. These oils are also used in our Essentials Collection and soaps.